Their work has helped shift the immigration narrative away from sensationalized border stories, DC-focused policy debates, and re-center the stories, voices, and experiences of immigrants. It is time for a new narrative to take hold, one that doesn’t seek to reform a broken system, but to envision something beyond it

The 2021 inaugurating class of the Beyond Status:

The groundbreaking stories shared by the 2022 inaugural Beyond Status class delivered impactful narrative shifts and created unprecedented spaces for migrant storytellers. Highlights include a combined reach number of 4Million+, 24.4K views, and 5-star reviews from surveyed attendees.

“Mojosito & Me”

An uplifting story of an immigrant and her sixteen-year-old American car, and the experiences they’ve shared.
A story of perseverance, loyalty, and the changes in life.

a film by Lidieth Arevalo


Rakim, a self-conscious alien, is pushed to reveal their identity in order to win the
Virgin Atlantic Space Sweepstakes for the opportunity to leave Earth.

a film by Frisly Soberanis

“Day & Night”

Battling homesickness and colonial mentality, an immigrant reignites her love for Filipino
folk dance to express her longing for her homeland.

a film by Nix Guirre


After achieving the life of their dreams, at age 35, a triple water sign is ready to dig into family history
and unpack the relationship between their trauma, identity, fear and power.

a film by Rahi Hasan

“Gansos Raros”

A comedic look at the serendipitous life journey of Sam, a twentysomething undocumented immigrant from Mexico, living in Atlanta, and
the peculiar people she encounters on the road to fulfilling her American dream.

a film by Samantha Ramirez-Herrera