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“Beyond Status” is centered on nurturing space and opportunity for migrant filmmakers to create short form films without the traditional narrative and creative bounds placed on their storytelling, as part of The Center for Cultural Power’s work to inspire artists to manifest a world in which cultural, economic, and political power is distributed equitably and where all human beings can live in harmony with nature.

As part of our ongoing effort to shift the narrative away from policy discussions and to the migrant experience, we’ve learned that a significant amount of content related to the migrant experience in the United States is often written and directed by non-migrant filmmakers, focusing on migrants as merely the subjects of the work with no real agency. The truth is, there are many migrant filmmakers who are experts in telling their stories, and have been developing filmmaking as their craft. All they need is some resources and an opportunity.

This inaugural showcase features five different creatives of diverse backgrounds, living in different parts of the United States. All have been working as filmmakers for many years and have impressive resumes that speak to their drive and imagination as artists. And though these five shorts are not meant to be representative of ALL migrants living in the United States, they are genuine works from people who know how to best tell their own stories.

The Center for Cultural Power is profoundly honored to present these films to you all.


The Center for Cultural Power

The Center for Cultural Power is a women of color, artist-led organization, inspiring artists and culture makers to imagine a world where power is distributed equitably and where we live in harmony with nature. We support artists through fellowships, training and opportunities for activation. We create intersectional stories and content addressing issues of migration, climate, gender and racial justice. We engage groups in cultural strategy and organize artists in issues that inspire them. Together with allies, we are co-creating a field of cultural strategy with organizations and practitioners through convenings, design teams and strategy tables.