Our demand is that the humanity of all migrants in the United States regardless of immigration status is recognized. A pathway to citizenship for all, without conditions or barriers. We hope you are inspired by the films, and will take action now and participate in our partners’ campaigns, as they relate to the addressing and passing of comprehensive immigration reform in the United States.

Override the Senate Parliamentarian, Citizenship for All, Now!
Campaign By: Movimiento de Papeles Para Todos

Sign a petition to pressure the Biden administration to override the Senate parliamentarian’s advisory opinion to exclude undocumented immigrations from the budget reconciliation package for a pathway to citizenship.

Keep The Promise
Campaign by: Raices Texas

Write a letter to President Biden urging him to make good on the decades-long promises Democrats have made to the immigrant community! The more of us who write a letter, the louder our voices become!


Defend Black Migrants!
Campaign By: UndocuBlack
Art by: Roberto Trujillo

The Biden administration isn’t keeping its promise to address systemic racism in this country and is employing the Trump Era Title 42 Policy that expels black asylum-seekers. Revoke Title 42 and the metering system of processing asylum seekers now!
Since September 19th the administration has expelled more than 7,500 migrants, including children, with inhumane tactics. We seek immediate humanitarian parole so that migrants will be allowed time to process their asylum claims on the U.S. side of the border.
We must defend all black migrants. Every person deserves the right to seek safety, freedom, and protection from persecution and violence.