Starring: Graciela Maria Campos
Written and directed by: Alejandra Quiroz
Produced by: Our Lú Productions
Cinematography by: Leonardo Rodriguez & Will Baivera
Sound by: Kristina Andrez & Miriam Rivera


Memory is a form of time travel, a way of jumping back and forth between who we used to be and who we are today. Though the past informs who we are in the present, sometimes they call upon us to return, not to a time, but a place. Some memories are so potent and formidable, they hide in plain sight in our day to day. Sometimes, we do what we can to enclose special moments in a box that ends up sitting on a shelf in our closets. But can a box really seal the potency of those memories? 

In “Searching…”, director Alejandra Quiroz offers us a slice-of-life breakdown of what this can feel like for migrants. An emotive pang of nostalgia can turn into a flashback that brings the past into the present in a way that is both disruptive and comforting. Whether it’s hearing a song on the radio that was a big hit back home, gathering ingredients for a specific recipe, or even a trip to the local corner store, these personal episodes can be the morsels of life and remembrance that can keep one going. It’s why migrants often arrive in the United States to enclaves of community, where all inhabitants help retain a sense of recollection of where they came from in order to have some sort of semblance of home while the adjustment to a new reality sets in.

“Searching…” is Alejandra’s directorial debut. Though she’s worked as a producer in the past on different projects, this is her first time calling the shots. “I’ve been so used to working in the background,” said Alejandra. “But to now be in the driver’s seat, it’s intimidating. But I’ve always been curious about the artist process, what it’s like to work through a story that I care about and figure out the best way to tell it. It’s a great opportunity.”

A charming film, this piece is guaranteed to make one think about the passage of time, the everyday sacrifices that many migrants make, and to remind us all that home is always with us. 

Alejandra Quiroz

is a Filmmaker, Photographer, Host, and Founder of the "Central American Voices Podcast." Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and moved to Los Angeles, California at 14, she graduated from Cal State Northridge with a B.A in Cinema and Television Arts and Central American Studies. Alejandra's work centers around the Central American Diaspora, representation, and inclusion within Media.